Halle Berry Stars in Moonfall -New Roland Emmerich Action Thriller!

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Halle Berry Stars in Moonfall


We wanted Halle to reprise her role as Storm in Black Panther 2; but honestly, this is the next BEST thing. Oscar winner, Halle Berry Stars in Moonfall, a new action thriller film by the great Roland Emmerich! Yes, the man, the myth and legend behind such movies as: Independence Day (hey Will Smith); The Day After Tomorrow, The Patriot, Stargate, Midway and Godzilla (1998- yes the one with Diddy’s song Come With Me) just to name a few.

Now Emmerich has turned his attention towards a new adventure. Something he is all too familiar with… space and the ultimate as well as demise of all life on earth. Where do we sign?

Halle Berry Stars in Moonfall -New Roland Emmerich Action Thriller


Halle Berry Stars in Moonfall


Emmerich is making Moonfall along with movie studio, Lionsgate. The premise? We’re doomed (LOL). The Moon has always been our friend who lights up the night sky UNTIL… BOOM!! A mysterious force knocks it off it’s normal orbit sending it hurtling towards the earth!

Is this it? Can anything prevent this collision? With just literally weeks before the moon slams straight into our precious little world. A seemingly impossible mission is launched, catapulting a ragtag team into space to leave all that they love behind. They must risk EVERYHING and find a way to land on the moon in order to save our planet from annihilation before it is too late.



Dire? Oh yeah. Impossible, well you will just have to watch the movie to find out. Nevertheless, how does Halle Berry come into all of this? Well, word on the entertainments streets is that Berry’s character is an astronaut turned NASA administrator whose previous mission holds a clue to the castastrophe. So the plot thickens.



Halle is so far set to star opposite actor, Josh Gad. Gad is a scientist who first discovers that something is majorly off with the moon’s course. Thus, making him one of the very important people on the earth during the film.

When Can Moonfall Be Expected?



Believe it or not, Moonfall has actually been in development for years. Say what?! Yep… try four years to be exact. Development began back in 2016; however, Emmerich’s commitments to Midway (the war movie that reached number one in the U.S. box office); helped put Moonfall on the “backlot” back burner.



Nevertheless, all of that is about to change. Emmerich can now turn his full attention  and expertise to Moonfall. Therefore, that just leaves the question, when will production begin? Well, given the pandemic things are still a little sketchy. Quarantine and stay home orders will need to be lifted first. As a result, the goal for now is for production to begin this fall.



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