Halle Berry Launches Hallewood Fan Club!

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Halle Berry Launches Hallewood Fan Club!

Halle Berry wants to get closer to her fans than ever! Recently, the X-Men actress announced that she is about to take things a little old school. Before the joys of social media there weren’t many ways to know celebrities on a personal basis. Nevertheless, there were fan clubs, where fans could write to celebs, receive gear as well as updates from their favorite star. Yes kids it was primitive times (LOL). However, the glory days are returning as Halle Berry Launches Hallewood Fan Club!

Halle Berry Launches Hallewood Fan Club

It was just this year that Halle Berry finally joined the social media ranks. She had avoided all channels but at last joined the rest of us. Since then, Halle has given fans quite a glimpse into her life.

We all now know that she loves to read. Besides that she is extremely artsy and is a total pro when it comes to aesthetics. Moreover, She is also not afraid to clap-back to fans or put certain celeb buddies in their place. Uhm…Kevin Hart, we see you. Yet, Berry is more than any of the great characters she played on the big screen. With Hallewood fans will experience just that.

Halle Berry Launches Hallewood Fan Club!2

Halle Berry Launches Hallewood

So what’s on tap for Halle Berry Fans? Berry revealed all stating:

“It is with great joy and excitement that I relaunch my fan club Hallewood! For those of you who used to ‘groove’ with me back in the day I proudly invite you back and for those of you who will be new to the club I happily welcome you! Hallewood will be a place that I can get to know my real fans through information we only share with each other. We will share special private pictures and videos, have quarterly chats, sweepstakes where winners are flown to see me, attend premieres and more. Go to HALLEWOOD.com to sign up!”

Want to be friends with a Bond Girl? Make James jelly and head here to sign up today.

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