Halle Berry 50 Year Old Smoking Body Secrets

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Year Old Smoking Body Secrets

When it comes to Hollywood physiques Halle Berry has one of the best. What’s even more amazing is that her body has been beyond hot for decades. While we sit snacking on Kit Kats and slamming down Frappés as we write this piece. Berry has used a much different approach to being sexy and healthy. Here’s the Halle Berry 50 Year old smoking body secrets you must know!

Halle Berry 50 Year Old Smoking Body Secrets

First off, Halle’s body slays most women half her age and younger. Turning 50 recently posed no problem for the gorgeous star either. Berry proudly took to social media to say she embraced the big 5-0.

Maybe that’s a secret in itself to aging fantastically. Don’t panic. Don’t be afraid. Just embrace each year as it comes at you.

Pretty hard to do when you’re trying to graduate or figure how to direct life through the hurdles known as your twenties. However, Berry made it through and looks amazing. Therefore, she is totally life goals.

Berry credits consistency to retaining her lovely shape. The proof is definitely in the pudding because Halle has consistently burned up the red carpet.

The Workout

Remember when Halle Berry played catwoman? Berry’s workouts became public knowledge because of their simplicity and effectiveness. Berry had  just given birth four months prior to slinking into her skintight kitty ensembles. She dropped a whooping 40 pounds and every inch of body was extremely toned.

So what kind of workouts is Berry used to doing? It’s a mix of cardio and strength training that lasts a measly 25 minutes. Yes, you read that right. Only 25 minutes gets you a Halle Berry body! We can do this ladies!

The workout is broke up into 5 parts that each last 5 minutes. Now you can’t do these halfway and expect results. So then, go full out for less than a half hour and you’ll reap the benefits. Here’s the cheat sheet:

• 5 minute cardio warm up

• Upper body ( i.e. Push ups, bicep curls)

• Lower body ( squats and lunges)

• Core Work ( sit ups using stability ball)

• 5 minute cardio burst

Halle Berry 50 Year Old Smoking Body Secrets  – Honest Truth

Now you can workout until you’re blue in the face but if you don’t eat right it’s useless. Berry’s diet although not restrictive is not full of “junk.” For instance, no matter what she eats the main course contains high protein and low amounts of fat. Also her meal consists of beans, vegetables or sweet potatoes with a sugarless beverage.

There are a few more secrets when it comes to Halle’s diet. Berry also aims to consume lots of lean protein, high fiber content, and heart healthy fats that are used for energy in the body. No doubt her healthy eating no only gives her body a sexy edge but keeps her skin looking just as youthful.


The keys to having a Halle Berry 50 Year Old Smoking Body now is consistency, exercise and diet. 3 things that seem so simple but are a challenge for everyone.

Of course Halle Berry gets paid the big bucks to look amazing 24/7. However, her routine is easy to fit into any busy schedule. Her trainer specifically designed it that way. So then, got 25 minutes a day, five times a week to devote to a better you? We thought so and you can do it!

Halle Berry Inspiration

Sometimes visuals can really help in the motivation department. Here are some of our favorite photos of Halle throughout the years.

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