Hair Treatments- Hot Oil Benefits and How to Do Them for Hair Growth

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Hair Treatments

Are you constantly doing a hair length check, only to find out that not only is your hair not growing but you’re actually losing hair? Furthermore, is your hair shedding so much you’re seriously considering buying stock in lint/hair rollers and brooms? Well, it’s time to stop the breakage and get on to enjoying real hair growth. No more looking at hair testimonies online wishing the same could be true of you. Start living the dream yourself! How? Two words: hair treatments.

Hair Treatments Using Hot Oil- The Many Benefits

Hair Treatments

Performing a hair oil treatment is actually a pretty simple as well as straightforward procedure. All you need is the hair oil of your choice (many choose to use Olive, Coconut or Carrot), a plastic shower cap or Saran Wrap and a little chunk of time. Oil may be applied as is right out of the bottle or slightly warmed up.

When oil is heated for this process it is known commonly as a hot oil treatment. Nevertheless, it is easy to wonder if it is worth the extra effort to heat a hair oil in the first place before applying it. Let’s face it, time is money and life is precious.

Hair Treatments

In short, there a plenty of benefits to be enjoyed from a hot oil treatment, especially if hair growth is an objective or end goal. A few benefits include:

Blood Flow Stimulation– Proper scalp stimulation leads to a healthier scalp which helps to increase hair growth.

Frizz Prevention– Whether wearing tresses naturally or straightening strands with a flat iron; a hot oil treatment can encourage easier hairstyling by keeping frizz to a minimum. The best part? All of this occurs without weighing down strands.

Split Ends Magic Pill– Hot oil treatments are very useful for this particular hair issue because it helps to prevent ends from splitting at all. This is possible because the oil will help “seal” strands.

Hair Treatments Using Hot Oil- The Many Benefits (Cont.)

Hair Treatments

Moisture and Balance– Without enough moisture hair becomes dry and unhealthy. An oil treatment can ensure hydration does not develop into a problem through the restoration of moisture balance.

Moisture balance is also important due to all the outside elements our hair is exposed to on a daily basis. Elements such as smog, pollution and even the weather itself can suck much needed moisture out of strands like a vacuum. This is especially true during wintertime when air is naturally drier. Therefore, by nourishing your hair with oil you help to fight and combat these common moisture killers.

Hair Treatments

Prevents Breakage– Hair never stops growing, but breakage can make it seem as though your hair has not grown at all! To retain length as well as extend length breakage needs to be kept at bay ASAP. Oil helps to not only prevent breakage but can also even help mend split ends.

Shine Bright- I don’t want luminous hair… said no person ever! Besides softer to the touch strands, hair oil also helps to give locks a nice glossy shine.

Hair Treatments with Hot Oil- How to Do Them

After you decide whether to use your hair oil at its normal temperature or to warm it a little it is time to begin. However, if a hot oil treatment is the goal remember to never apply extremely hot oil. Doing so can burn and damage the scalp. Therefore, oil should feel warm to the touch yet not piping hot.

Once the desired temperature is reached, apply the hair oil directly onto the scalp and gently massage it into the skin. Continue to apply the oil throughout the length of your strands. Making sure the hair is well saturated.

After the oil has been thoroughly applied slip on a plastic shower cap. No cap? Use Saran Wrap instead by carefully wrapping the plastic around the head until all strands are completely covered. No Saran Wrap? Some have been able to use a plastic grocery bag, but this can be a little tricky. Nonetheless, ALWAYS be sure never to place a plastic bag completely over your head so that it hinders breathing or leave one near young children.

Hair Treatments with Hot Oil- How to Do Them (Cont.)

Hair Treatments

Can I just skip the cap? This is a common hair question because many wonder why it’s necessary or important to use one at all. Simply put, using one helps to pump up the effectiveness of the ingredients within the oil itself. Plus, it helps all the oil’s vitamins and nutrients to deeply penetrate the hair follicles. Everyone got it, good moving on.

Next, let the oil work its magic for at least half an hour. After 30 minutes have passed the oil can be removed from tresses by simply shampooing the hair. Depending on your hair type or texture you may need to shampoo tresses more than once in order to remove all the oil from your strands.

Nevertheless, do you have more than 30 minutes to spare? Great! Try an overnight oil treatment right before bedtime. Instead of removing oil after half an hour allow it to sit on strands all night long. Doing so will only increase the effect of the oil treatment.

Hot Oil Treatment Steps Quick Cheat Sheet

  • Heat the hair oil of your choice.
  • Apply the heated oil to your hair, always begin at the scalp and work your way down to the ends.
  • Once hair is completed saturated cover strands with plastic (i.e. shower cap, Saran Wrap, bag).
  • Allow the oil to remain on strands for at least 30 minutes or longer if you have the available time.
  • Once time is up simply wash out the hair oil by utilizing shampoo.

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Hair Treatments