Fixing Hair Shrinkage and Loss of Length Due to Tangling With Oil

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hair shrinkage

We get it, hair shrinkage is the pits. It can almost feel like your hair look is being short changed. Tresses start off stretched and closer to full length only to draw up like a clam in a shell. Plus, don’t even get us started on detangling. If only there is something one can do to fix both issues simultaneously.

Hair Shrinkage and Loss of Length Due to Tangling

Well, hold on, because there is an option! Do you know what it is? If you guessed hair oil then you would be absolutely correct. Now allow us to quickly tell you why.

First off, what exactly is shrinkage? This is the result of the hair drawing up due to the inability to maintain moisture. The strand can literally “chase” after hydration.

hair shrinkage

You see as the hair dries it normally dries at the ends first. Meaning our roots dry slower than our strands’ ends. As the hair dries it “draws up” in order to get closer to the moisture still present at the roots.

Get the picture? If you do, then most likely you can also glean a fix to this common hair problem. Nevertheless, if you don’t we’re going to tell you the secret anyway.

Combating Hair Shrinkage and Loss of Length

hair shrinkage

One the simplest ways to retain moisture in the hair is to seal it in so that it can’t escape. So then, what is a proper sealant? Here is the best hair oil that accomplishes this with ease.

The oil acts like a fence that moisture can’t get over. As we like to say think of it like a puppy and a high barrier. Everything stays nicely and safely inside.

Since moisture can stay along the entire strand the hair does not need to necessarily draw up towards any hydration. Plus, hair oil or creams add more weight to strands. This allows gravity to also do it’s job to keep tresses going downward than up.

Fixing Loss of Length Due to Tangling

hair shrinkage

So then, now that the cat is out of the bag on how to combat shrinkage. You may be wondering about the second half of this article’s title. How does shrinkage play into tangling?

Simple. Shrinkage causes knots and tangles. The more coil-y the texture, the higher the shrinkage and in turn opportunity for more tangles to be formed.

Nonetheless, hair does not have to be curly or wavy to hair issues with tangling. Straighter textures can also be affected by this issue. Also, dry hair can cause split ends and knotting at the ends. By the way, that is a good indicator that your hair can use a trim; if hair ends can not be combed or passed through with fingers easily.

The best way to fix this? You guessed it, hair oil. You’re a quick study! (wink, wink).

Hair Oil- Combating Hair Shrinkage and Loss of Length Due to Tangling

Nevertheless, the easiest way to detangle tresses while preventing shrinkage is to apply coconut or jojoba oil (or both together) to your hair. Heat the oil(s) up and apply the warm concoction to your strands and scalp. Then use your fingers to gently detangle any knots.

You will find the oil will provide a nice element  of  “slip” to your tresses. Thus, making detangling not only easier, but less of a pain. Literally.

hair shrinkage

In order to gain the most benefits, hair oil should be used in conjunction with your other styling products. If you use creams, leave-ins and the like, continue to. Moreover, cream moisturizers should be apart of your hair shrinkage arsenal. When these are used along with oil not only are curls/waves more defined, but will experience less draw up.

So then, there you have it. You CAN combat shrinkage as well as tangles. The fix is natural and extremely useful… hair oil.

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