Hair of the Week: Tyra Banks Dreadlocks

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Hair of the Week: Tyra Banks Dreadlocks

Whenever a celebrity changes up their hair game the world takes notice! Tyra Banks dreadlocks has had social media in an uproar for the past couple weeks and we are still loving it! It is definitely a different hairstyle for the supermodel but it is gorgeous!

More and more celebrities are embracing natural hair. Such styles are great at protecting strands as well as allowing tresses to be styled without heat or harmful products. If you are growing out your hair or need a “transitional” hairstyle when going natural, braids or locs are the way to go.

Hair of the Week: Tyra Banks Dreadlocks 2

Nevertheless, seeing Tyra Banks dreadlocks looking so luxe, we can’t but reminisce about other amazing hair looks adorned by Ty Ty. Banks has had many jaw-dropping hairstyles throughout the years. Who can forget her sexy waves for Victoria’s Secret, fiery red dyed tresses during Top Model or cornrows when modeling swimwear? As amazing as she looked when wearing those we are big fans of her locs.

Hair of the Week: Tyra Banks Dreadlocks 3

Tyra posted several pics to IG stating she was just “trying something new.” New is a good look Tyra! We hope she keeps this look and continues to smize for the cameras.

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