Hair of the Week: Keke Palmer at The Imitation Game Premiere

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Keke Palmer The Imitation Game NYC

Okay all the votes are already in for this week, Keke Palmer is going to win by a landslide! No one’s hair is going to change our mind which is why we are going to go ahead and give our hair nod of the week so early. That super short, chic cut on Palmer is just sick and shows off all her beautiful features.

We have said it once and we will say it again, but Keke CHANNELS Angela Bassett (who we also adore), she’s like the reincarnation of the Hollywood legendary actress. Does her hair make you want to Wait to uhm…Exhale? If you don’t catch our drift, peep the pic below and be sure to hit us up on our social media or drop us a comment to give us your thoughts. Nevertheless, as usual we digress, but we just have to say that Keke has been slaying the hair game all year and we can’t wait to see how she fashions her fabulous locks next!

waiting to exhale angela bassett2

Alright, alright last one and we will move on…

waiting to exhale angela bassett