Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala

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Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala

This year’s hairdos spotted at the 2016 Met Gala were just as exciting as the fashions that accompanied them. It wasn’t just about length or whether strands were up or down. There was one trend in particular that seemed to take the cake among the stars.

Hair color, hair color, hair color and say it with us, hair color! The 2016 Met Gala saw a wide range of hues. The varied looks included all ends of the spectrum. From platinum to rich deep, reddish plums. Highlights were also big on the 2016 Met Gala red carpet. However, enough yapping right? Here is quick breakdown of all the various hairstyles that revived our 2016 Met Gala Hair of the Week Award!

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala2

Amandla Stenberg

She literally allowed her hair to be her crown of glory. We absolutely adored her gold hair accessory.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala3

Cynthia Bailey

After the show is the after-party! Reality starlet and model Cynthia Bailey hit the 2016 Met Gala after parties with a voluminous curly fro accented with a crown braid.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala4Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala5

FKA Twigs

Here’s how to give those French braids a twist… literally. Twigs wore a braided updo that twisted at the nape up to about center. The look also incorporated hair jewelry that seamlessly went with her designer gown.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala6


Many could not simply take their eyes off Bey’s backside. We couldn’t either… her sleek tresses with the blonde hair color and highlights were seriously on point!

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala7

Zendaya Coleman

This is so modish and elegant we can’t stop staring. This cut is all about precision and execution. If you were born with retro and vintage vibes running through your veins you just gazed upon your new hairstyle.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala6

Kerry Washington

She may have been wearing all black but Kerry’s hair was all types of bold. There was nothing subtle about her hair color that complimented her loose waves. If you’re going to the attend the Met Ball you might as well go all out or just stay home.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala9Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala10

Jourdan Dunn

She had us at asymmetrical hair cut. Dunn’s Bob was pure perfection and only seemed to become more stunning from every angle. Moreover, the gray hue with dark roots was just killer.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala12

Nicki Minaj

Her expertly placed platinum hair color showed true craftsmanship. Take note how the color extended all the way to the very tips. Bravo colorist, bravo.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala12


She’s currently working on a new album so why not a new hairstyle? CiCi came to slay with vintage waves and metallic silver strands.

Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala13Hair of the Week: 2016 Met Gala14

Lupita Nyong’o

One of the most talked about hairstyles of the 2016 Met Gala outside of Ciara came via Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita took natural hair to new heights with a five tier updo.

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