Hair Massage

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Hair Massage Black Woman

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice spa massage, because it benefits the body in so many different ways. Massages decreases stress, relaxes and softens overused muscles, and pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues as well as vital organs improving circulation. With so many great results, is there a way to translate massage into the beauty world?

Hair massage provides the same benefits for the scalp. A warm hair massage with natural herbal oils will make your hair smooth and soft which will also make it easier to handle. Moreover your hair roots will be strengthened promoting hair growth and stronger hair. Some good oils to use are almond, sesame, olive, jasmine, lavender and rosemary oil. Coconut oil prevents thinning and graying while lavender and rosemary oil stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth.

Another technique called hair pulling has also been utilized to improve scalp condition. Hair pulling has a lot of the same benefits that are derived from hair massage and can also be quite relaxing. Don’t pull too hard, otherwise you risk pulling out strands.