Hair Crush: Keke Palmer Short Cut

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Hair Crush: Keke Palmer Short Cut

Okay it’s official Keke Palmer is Angela Bassett reincarnated. I may have been too little to see Waiting to Exhale when it came out but I know a Bassett cut when I see one! Nevertheless, this isn’t a discussion of who did it first because Palmer is simply slaying my life right now. The Keke Palmer short cut is definitely one of my 2016 hair crushes!

Keke Palmer Short Cut

Hair Crush: Keke Palmer Short Cut 2

No this isn’t the first time Keke has chopped off all her locks. However, each time I absolutely love it. There’s some women who make short hair iconic. Like Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Zendaya, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Dorothy Dandridge and Diana Ross. Palmer is right in the mix for me.

Not everyone can pull off short hair yet Keke makes it look like a sizzling trend every single time. The Keke Palmer short cut is a pixie dream. Short but with plenty of texture. The hairstyle says I’m all business with sassy allure.

Hair Crush: Keke Palmer Short Cut 3

Plus, I just love the attitude this style gives her! You can tell in her head she’s thinking, “I didn’t come to play with y’all!” She always seems more feisty (in a good way) when she rocks with the short hair.

The Keke Palmer Short Cut Reaction

I’m not the only one who is feeling Miss Palmers tresses. Fans have been weighing in on her look too. Here’s a few of their lovely thoughts.

“Love the short hair!”

“Damn she gorgeous.”

“Serving Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale!”

“Killin it.”

“Look like a young Angela Bassett.”



“Yas girl.”

“She do look like Angela Bassett.”

Hair Crush: Keke Palmer Short Cut4

Guess its unanimous. Palmer is Angela’s honorary daughter (LOL). They both share the same awesome acting chops and apparently great hair.

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Hair Crush: Keke Palmer Short Cut 5