The Hair Conditioner Tip That You Cannot Afford To Skip

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We swing it, pin it, toss it and whip it around. Hair is a personal fashion statement with as much force and impact as wearing a set of diamonds. If presented right no one can take their eyes off a well maintained as well as styled coif. Nevertheless, getting and keeping your strands in top notch shape is where the real work begins. Tresses that look great on the outside is often due to the care they receive on the inside. For this reason having an arsenal of great hair products such as conditioner is a major key. Therefore, today we are going to discuss The Hair Conditioner Tip That You Cannot Afford To Skip.

The Hair Conditioner Tip That You Cannot Afford To Skip

From the time we are tiny tots we are taught the basics of shampooing and conditioning. Shampoo comes first and then follow up with conditioner. Shampoo lathers up whereas conditioner does not. Watch the eyes. Really work that conditioner into ends.

All valid tips but there is something else when it comes to utilizing conditioner. Moreover, if you leave out this tip during the conditioning process you may just be negating any benefits. Ask yourself, “Before I apply conditioner do I towel dry my hair?” A very simple step that many girls tend to skip.

That is because simply we are busy! Between juggling school, work, DMs, social calendars our plates always spill-eth over. By the time its wash day we are doing good to cleanse, toss on a conditioner and rinse.

The Hair Conditioner Tip That You Cannot Afford To Skip- Why Change the Game

Nevertheless, why should we towel dry our strands first? One word: absorption. Have you ever heard of the swimmer hair trick? That trick involves wetting your hair BEFORE you go swimming in a pool. You see hair acts like a sponge. If you fill a sponge with water once it is full nothing else can get in until after it is squeezed. Hair works the same way fill it with water first and less damaging chlorine will get in there and wreck havoc.

Now what does all that have to do with conditioning? Basically, unless you remove some of the water from your strands not much is going to be able to get in and make your hair stronger. Removing excess water from your hair will allow your conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. Once penetrated the conditioner can actually do its job of delivering what your hair needs to be healthy and luminous.

Now what happens if you are just extremely short on time? If that is the case, take a moment to at least squeeze out excess water with your hands. Remember to just squeeze and wring. Start at the top and work your way to the ends. Moreover, if you do go the towel dry route aim for a cotton tee shirt or soft fiber towel. Both are products that are very gentle on strands. As you can see in this article a little extra time and care goes a long way. Therefore, do not skip this one hair conditioner tip and your hair will thank you.

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