Guilty Pleasure – Swedish Chocolate

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Our co-editor, Alicia Suggs, recently returned from a trip to Sweden and was kind enough to bring us minions back a treat. Now we all wish she hadn’t because we became instantly addicted to Kex. What is Kex? It’s a candy bar made up of wafers and coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate. You might compare it to a Kit-Kit, but not as sweet.

According to Alicia, Sweden is on and popping when it comes to chocolate.

Alicia Suggs In Stockholm Sweden

There is just something different about their chocolate compared to what we have here in the United States. At any rate, she brought back a bag of individually wrapped snack-size Kex bars and we basically devoured them like a ravenous pack of velociraptors.

No, we aren’t proud of ourselves and yes we wish we had more of those delightful treats.

If you are planning on traveling abroad, you might consider Sweden since apparently they are pretty good at making Volvos, meatballs and chocolate. However, we recommend going in the summer time because it gets pretty cold there the rest of the year.

For more travel locales and tips be sure to check out our Travel Mondays blog posts. While you’re doing that, we’ll be hitting the treadmills to work off those dang Kex bars!

Muppet Show – Swedish Chef – making chocolat moose