Grace Jones I'll Never Write My Memoirs

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Grace Jones I'll Never Write My Memoirs

When it comes to being described as black and fabulous, Grace Jones sets the bar! This supermodel turned actress who was featured as a 007 Bond girl in the film A View to a Kill has just released her new memoir into the world. What will you find inside it’s pages? Let’s just say that Jones still possesses her captivating, outspoken personality.

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Within her memoir entitled Grace Jones I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, Grace describes her career and how she was able to be successful despite doing things her own way. In detail Jones discusses everything she was involved in from singing to acting, taking on the entertainment industry on her own terms. Staying true to yourself has proved to be a major feat for any celebrity, but Jones has done it and in style.

Also, in her memoir Grace Jones mentions how ladies in the limelight today are somewhat mediocre. She names Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Rihanna as being middle of the road. Jones was definitely one of the pioneers that paved the road for black women in the entertainment industry and her spunk as well as beauty as kept her in the forefront.

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