Good Night, Sweetheart

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If you haven’t had enough sleep for even one night, you will immediately feel sleep deprivation effects the following day. The typical symptoms include dizziness, forgetfulness or blurred vision. When the lack of sleep goes on for several days, you will notice even more severe symptoms such as rapid weight loss, hallucinations or even mental problems or heart disease.

The severity of these sleep deprivation effects should be enough to serve as a wakeup call to most people as to the importance of getting enough sleep at night.

Since we were children, we have been told that 8 hours is the body’s required amount of sleep. While that is still the ideal length of sleep, if you can even get at least 6 hours on a regular basis, that will be enough for your brain to recharge and get ready for a brand new day of continuous work.

Check out this documentary on sleep problems and what you can do about it: