Gold Skincare -The Top 10 Benefits for Your Skin to Know!

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Gold Skincare

Beauty Quickie: Skin looking a little… dull? Well, give it boost by incorporating Gold Skincare into your regular beauty routine. For the past few years, numerous gold-infused skincare products have come onto the market.

However, you may wonder are they all hype? Additionally, what really are the benefits of gold when it comes to the skin. The answer may shock you.

Nevertheless, to make it super easy, we have broke down 10 awesome benefits in a quick cheat sheet. Check this amazing list from Alicia Suggs, owner and esthetician at The L.A. Glow below!

Gold Skincare

Gold Skin Benefits

  • Encourages skin to have a natural beautiful, youthful glow.
  • Increases the elasticity of skin.
  • Stimulates the cells in order to make skin firmer.
  • Helps to slow down collagen depletion.
  • Works to prevent premature aging.
  • Can reduce inflammation.
  • Ability to improve circulation.
  • Prevents wrinkles and helps to reduce appearance of fine lines.
  • Boosts collagen levels in the skin to plump skin.
  • Improves complexion.

Gold Skincare -Top 10 Benefits for Your Skin

FACT: If it was good enough for Cleopatra, it is good enough for us! While knowing an ancient queen stayed looking flawless due to her use of gold skin treatments; there’s actual scientific proof to consider.

Like what? For starters one should always remember that gold is an antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory properties. There’s no changing that, that is just how gold works.

As a result, this means that this particular metal when placed on skin can reduce any redness; calm inflammation from acne breakouts; as well as protect the skin against free radicals that can lead to skin damage from the sun as well as aging.

Plus, there are very helpful ions in gold. These ions can help in the stimulation of skin cells as well as nerves and veins. Such stimulation is extremely helpful to skin because it increases not only blood circulation; but the metabolism of skin cells that will secrete any waste.

Giving you skin a very luminous and rejuvenated look. Furthermore, since gold is one of the softest metals, our skin can easily absorb it! This means all of the amazing benefits you have read about in this article can be experienced with no problem. So then, give your skincare a boost by indulging your skin with the Midas’ Touch!

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