Beauty Trends: Glass Nails - Even Cinderella Would Give These a Try!

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Glass Nails

If Cinderella didn’t ask for a Prince, but rather a night off and a dress. Then perhaps she didn’t really want the slippers either! Glass nails are making a strong comeback; however, they have been slightly remixed for the new age.

For instance, back in 2015, shattered glass nails slid into the nail art realm like a hurricane. Overnight the look took off until it just suddenly and swiftly disappeared. Like the clock struck twelve and the fun was over.

Nevertheless, now the glass look is receiving a bit of a beauty revival. Instead of a broken vibe, nails are more modern and fresh by staying simple and lucid.  The goal is for the nail to be long, shaped and crystal clear to peer through.

Beauty Trends: Glass Nails – Even Cinderella Would Give These a Try

Is it really made out of glass? Like in the past, even now people wonder about this particular nail style. Nonetheless, the answer is simply nada. No, the nails are not really made out of real glass.

If they were, they would be extremely heavy; most likely, straining the actual nail. Also, don’t even get us started on the type of pain one would endure if it broke! Glass nails are just regular acrylic nails.

Would you like to see a demonstration on how this type of nail design is created? We thought you might! Check out and enjoy the short tutorial below.

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