Getting the Most Out of Your Hair Relaxer

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Women usually use lye or no-lye relaxers to thin out very thick hair or in order to straighten their hair making it more manageable. Relaxing is not a one-time permanent solution, since your hair never stops growing touch-ups are necessary to make sure the new growth matches the previously relaxed hair. How often should relaxed hair be re-touched? Hair can grow very quickly so a touch-up should be performed every 6 to 8 weeks.

After hair has been relaxed it is important that hair be washed with neutralizing shampoo and not just any regular shampoo. Neutralizing shampoo stops and ends the chemical relaxing process completely. Chemically changing the structure of the hair leaves hair in a more fragile state so it needs to be treated gently and be well moisturized. A good conditioner should be applied after shampooing to restore moisture and balance.

Keeping hair well moisturized in between relaxer treatments will keep hair from becoming brittle, dry and breaking. Also, avoid coloring your hair with permanent hair dye right after processing, chemicals on top of chemicals equal trouble. If you must color your hair after a relaxer is applied use semi-permanent colors which are gentler. Want to add some shine to your hair after relaxing? A tip even stylist use is during the final rinse of shampooing rinse the hair with cold water.