Get the Red Out

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At one point or another we all have had an important special event to attend. No doubt you tirelessly made sure every last detail about yourself was absolutely perfect. With planning like that everything should go without a hitch, until you wake up the morning of and discover a fresh new pimple.

Isn’t that just the way life goes? It’s amazing how something as small as a pimple can cause a total catastrophic effect and seem to bend the walgreens-bath-body-visine-tears-lubricant-eye-drops space time continuum. Well, panic no more because one small trick can hide a blemish in a flash.

Directly apply eye drops such as Visine to the pimple. Yes, these drops were made for the eyes, but these same drops will quickly calm any irritation and mask redness because they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients. This will then easily allow concealer and foundation to cover any blemish more effectively.