Get Summer Wavy Hair With Flexi Rods

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Get Summer Wavy Hair With Flexi Rods

Wavy hair is one of the many hair trends of the season but knowing how to achieve such a style at times can feel like one big mystery! There is no wrong way to achieve wavy hair and women from all over world have tried various methods. Maybe you have found yourself using a few like: braiding, rags, foil or even scrunching.

However, getting the hang of using flexi rods may just be the answer to your hair prayers. Such a method if taken well care of can last all the way to your next hair wash. That means looking great from shampoo to shampoo! So then, how does the flexi rod method work exactly?

Get Summer Wavy Hair With Flexi Rods2

Here are two great tutorials that will show you exactly what to do. Enjoy and happy waves to ya ladies!



Hair Notes: In the video you most likely noticed that sheets were used before the hair was rolled up. Is that step really that important? It is kind of old school but using them can help prevent your waves/curls from frizzing. So just a word to the wise…

Alright, second video time, this one is a little long but after you see the technique once more you can skip to 8:37 to see the end result (wink, wink).



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