Get Your Man Right: Versace S/S 17

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Get Your Man Right: Versace S/S 17

It’s been pretty much unanimous, but the verdict is in… men are not big fans of the “man purse.” Most gentlemen never have to worry about hauling their valuables because unlike women’s clothing theirs often comes with pockets or other nifty compartments. On the real though, what really are guys carrying besides car keys, a wallet with pertinent identification and a Carmex Chapstick? Well, on the occasion they are jet-setting or carrying something larger than a pair of shades it is still possible for them to do so chicly. Versace pulled out all the stops in men’s fashion for the Versace SS 17 runway show and proved that a man bag can still look studly and totally amazing.

Versace SS 17

There were so many highlights during the high-end fashion show but one item that stood out to us was the Versace Empire Bag. Able to be carried with the same authority as a briefcase yet with much more real estate (room). Plus, the tint of the bag truly is key. Any guy who struggles with color coordination would not need to fear the Versace SS 17 Empire Bag. Thanks to its neutral color it will match well with a variety of ensembles.

Get Your Man Right: Versace S/S 17-2

Let’s quickly review the rest of the outfit that accompanied the Empire bag. Two words: The Trench. One classic staple that should be found in every guys wardrobe is a trench coat. Any color that suits his personal style but black or camel toned trenchcoats always look trendy. In such a coat a guy can go from looking like a couch potato to “Yes, I am ready to meet the parentals.”

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