Get Fit On-the-Go With Nike Training Club

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get fit on the go with nike training club

Last year, in the first 6 issues of 1966 Magazine we included a feature entitled Get For Summer: 6 Month Countdown. For 6 months we sweat, toned and defined in order to slide into those bikinis by June. We received such great feedback from the series that we have to decided to bring the fitness bug to the blog!

One common issue that many women face is having to workout even when traveling for work or leisure. Don’t let this tiny fitness roadblock keep you from getting into the best shape of your life. Thanks to advances in technology you can get a great workout all with the aid of an app.

If you own a smart phone  you are going to want to download Nike Training Club which boasts a plethora of workouts designed to give you an amazing workout using limited equipment found in any hotel gym, concluding in just a half hour to 45 minutes. In less than an hour you’ll be done and can get on with your day! Nevertheless, what we love is unlike some apps that require WIFI in order to operate this app does not require it as long as you have already downloaded. A win-win especially in hotels that may not offer free Internet or if your own device’s personal signal is weak. So then, leave all excuses behind and get that body you have been dreaming of for 2015!

get fit on the go with nike training club3