From The Office To A Night On The Town, What Does Your Attire Say?

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You and the girls are getting ready for a night in the town, but what are you going to wear? Jeans are too relaxed; a skirt is too formal, why not a cocktail dress? Cocktail dresses are perfect for any outing at night; they can be very formal, to playful, to downright sexy. Choosing the right dress for you is not that hard at all, we are here to help you find the perfect way to dress for a night out.


Depending on the event, you need to consider the length that is appropriate. For work purposes, it should cover the lower thigh; this is a professional environment. On the other hand, if you are going to a club, you can get a little daring with how short you can go. In good taste, your dress should cover mid-thigh. Otherwise, unwarranted attention may be gained.


The color of your dress is entirely up to you! If you look great in canary yellow, then by all means wear it. Most women will opt for a black, deep royal blue, or red. The reason these colors are so popular is because of how well they accent skin tones as well as hair color. You want to look your best; your attire should only add to it!

Celebrity Cocktail Dress Purple


The main goal with jewelry is to dress up your body where clothing cannot be worn. Earrings, bracelets, and rings are always okay. When you try to bring in a necklace, however, it can get a little tricky. If you are wearing long, shoulder-duster earrings, do not wear a necklace.

If you are wearing cute, close to the ear studs or hoops, a modest necklace will look gorgeous. Overall, you do not want to look like you are playing dress up with your grandma’s jewelry. Bracelets and rings should be worn in moderation.

If you have a lot of rings on, opt out of the bracelet. The opposite is true as well. Small bits of glitz and glamor are okay, if you sparkle like a disco ball that is not attractive.

Just remember, you are there to have fun.

If you are constantly worrying about your dress coming up and flashing someone, or if you are going to be mugged for all the jewelry you have on, you will not enjoy yourself. The saying “everything in moderation” does hold true. You are at your most beautiful state when you go natural. You can enhance your beauty even more with the right amount of make-up, the right attire, and being confident. You are young enough to enjoy life, go put on some lipstick and take a night on the town.

If you want to look gorgeous,  try a great looking cocktail dress.