1966 Beauty Pick: Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer -Photo Reflecting Finish

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Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer

Two reasons to use a makeup primer: 1. To have a smooth foundation or base to build your beauty look on top of when applying cosmetics. 2. Help your makeup last longer. Nevertheless, what if there was a primer that offered a little something more than all the others. Interested? We thought so, it’s time to check out today’s beauty pick, the Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer!

1966 Beauty Pick: Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer -Photo Reflecting Finish

We’ll just cut to the chase on this one. It’s multi-faceted and can be worn alone or under makeup. Plus, it includes purple and blue photo-reflecting agents that are able to add radiance to your face as well as improve the appearance of dull skin.

The Fresh brand was kind of enough to share and reveal a few more amazing details in regards to their product. The beauty company states,

“Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer is a lightweight, light filled face primer serum that has photo-reflecting ingredients plus glycerin and ProVitamin B5; to create a smooth, dewy, makeup-loving surface right there on your lovely face.”

Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer

Sounds like an awesomely nutrient packed product right? Now as you may have noticed, Flesh Beauty mentioned that this primer helps give skin a “smooth, dewy” finish. The reason why professional MUAs (makeup artists) love to create a dewy effect is because such skin comes across as being more plump, elastic, hydrated and natural. Basically, it gives you a very youthful, glowing appearance; and who doesn’t want that?

Moreover, this beauty product also contains ProVitamin B5. What can this accomplish? This provitamin has natural abilities to soothe, moisturize, heal and regenerate the skin. So then, you will be able to introduce nourishing elements to your skin all while you prime it for makeup application. WINNING!

Furthermore, it looks like more and more consumers are loving this product. Here are just a few of their thoughts that we collected:

“First primer I have found to love!”

“Love this product!”

“So good.”

“Nothing like an awesome dewy look.”

“You had me at serum.”

“Love this primer.”

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