Forever 21 Sends Atkins Bars to Customers and It Got Ugly

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Forever 21 Sends Atkins Bars

With all of our fashion might we want to believe this was done with good intentions. Nevertheless, the internet was met with displeasure today as news spread that Forever 21 Sends Atkins Bars to its customers; INCLUDING those who ordered plus size clothing. Yikes.

Forever 21 Sends Atkins Bars to Customers and It Got Ugly

Now being that it is summer and this brand is geared towards teens and the 20s set. Many of us probably are obsessing about how we currently look in our bikinis and IG photos. So then, Forever 21 may have felt like they were doing all of their consumer base a favor by sending out a mass supply of “healthy” conscious bars.

Forever 21 Sends Atkins Bars

However, let’s get real. We are living in a world where a sneeze is enough to offend someone. Much less a popular clothing brand giving off the impression that it’s fans are well… fat. Therefore, how’d did everyone in the F21 corporate office miss this flub?

Several customers who received their fashion orders along with the bars took to social media in order to air their displeasure. Many were immediately offended by the gesture. Feeling that Forever 21 should apologize for their error. Some of their thoughts:

“I am FUMING that Forever 21 is actually sending Atkins Bars in Plus Size orders. Are you LITERALLY KIDDING me?? What is wrong with you?!”

“Yes shame on me for ordering from Forever 21 but why do they have to push diet food on me? It came with an Atkins bar.”

“Since Forever 21 feels I should go on a fad diet; maybe now is a good time to tell you all about my already existing fitness journey that doesn’t include Atkins Bars or Forever 21!”

“Forever 21 is a garbage company, and their PR team can choke.”

So How Should We Proceed Captain?

Strong words, huh? Well as of yet right now, Forever 21 is still keeping lips sealed. There are no current statements about the Atkins Bars or any formal apology.

While there is a multitude of customers who are upset about this food delivery. Still others are totally okay with it. Even prompting those who are mad that they received them; to forward the bars to them instead. One F21 fan said, “Bruh, its free food… shut up and eat it!”

Thus, showing that in this world it hard to please or satisfy anyone. We will await to see how Forever 21 decides to handle this situation.