Hair Quickie: Foods For Healthy Hair - 5 Things You SHOULD Be Eating

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Foods For Healthy Hair

Have you been growing your hair for six months and still feel like your strands are at square one? It’s okay, always remember that hair growth is a journey. Good things take time and sometimes its all about trial and error. However, what you’re eating, strike that, what you’re not eating could be the problem. That’s why we are going to tell you about five foods for healthy hair that you should consuming.

Hair Quickie: Foods For Healthy Hair – 5 Things You SHOULD Be Eating

We are going to make this super short… eat more nuts and fish. Now here’s why: they are chock full of protein as well as omega -3 fats that will help you develop a healthier scalp. As we all know the scalp is literally the “root” to gaining more hair.

If the scalp is damaged or not in good shape, you can kiss healthy hair growth goodbye. The scalp is like the foundation of a house, if that is in great shape then everything you work to build from there will be just as strong. With that being said, what are three other foods that are just as helpful for healthy hair?

Foods For Healthy Hair

Try to incorporate more beans, leafy veggies and carrots into your diet. Also, here’s one more warning to keep in mind. Avoid like the plague any fad diet that will supposedly help you lose weight faster than superman traveling around the earth. Those types of diets often lack vital nutrients that can actually lead to your hair becoming brittle or worse, falling out! Therefore, follow these tips and eat these foods for healthy hair and you will be on your way to the tresses of your dreams.

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