FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021 -The Strength of a Woman!

FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021
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FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021

It’ll never happen to me
. That is the one thing many women have said throughout time; only to unknowingly fall victim to the dark, vicious trap of domestic abuse. Singer FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021 edition and bravely shares her experiences and eye-opening revelations. Regarding her traumatic incidents she states to ELLE,

“It’s a miracle that I came out alive,” FKA Twigs says of the abuse she endured for nearly a year at the hands of her former boyfriend and ‘Honey Boy’ co-star Shia LaBeouf. In a bombshell lawsuit filed last December, Twigs accused LaBeouf of sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress.

FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021


In this unfiltered interview with ELLE, the singer explains the “calculated, systematic, tricky, and mazelike” tactics LaBeouf would use to control her—the love bombing, the gaslighting, the social isolation, the sleep deprivation.

“If you put a frog in a boiling pot of water, that frog is going to jump out straightaway,” she says, attempting to explain the incremental and insidious nature of the abuse. “Whereas if you put a frog in cool water and heat it up slowly, that frog is going to boil to death. That was my experience being with [LaBeouf].”

FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021 -The Strength of a Woman!


FKA Twigs Covers ELLE March 2021


Now the singer is get stronger. As her point of view becomes clearer; so does her passion to help other women who may face the same issues. She relates this all to ELLE, the Mag reveals,

“By the time @fkatwigs traveled to Sundance to promote ‘Honey Boy’ in January 2019, the singer was a shell of her former self. She felt she couldn’t speak to anyone about the abuse. The focus, she says, was on the success of the film.

“I’m not here to throw people under the bus, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there [were] people who were very close to him who knew exactly what was going on.” Without specifying who she approached on his team, twigs says, “There [were] people who have worked with Shia that I openly spoke to about the abuse that I was going through. The reaction that I got [from his team] was pretty much, ‘Okay. Well, it’s Sundance.’



At the time of her relationship with Shia LaBeouf, @fkatwigs had a successful career, a home she could fly back to, financial security, and a network of support. And yet she was in no way inoculated against abuse.

“People wouldn’t think that it would happen to a woman like me. The biggest misconception is, ‘Well, you’re smart. If it was that bad, why didn’t you leave?’”

Her response: “It can happen to anyone.” And when COVID-19 lockdown began, she realized how many women were potentially stuck inside with their abusers. “It made me realize I need to come forward and talk about my experience.”

There Is ALWAYS Help -How ELLE is Helping Those Affected by Domestic Abuse



You are NEVER alone. If you’re reading this and you or someone you know is facing the struggles of domestic abuse. Always remember their are those who want to help and are fighting for you.

ELLE magazine is stepping forward to help young girls and dealing with unwelcome abuse. The magazine says,

“FKA Twig’s experience with domestic violence is all too common for women and girls around the world. According to UN Women; 35 percent of women globally “have ever experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence, or sexual violence by a non-partner.”

To help end intimate partner violence, ELLE has selected five organizations—National Domestic Violence Hotline, Sistah Space, Safe Horizon,  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence —to encourage readers to donate in support of IPV survivors. In addition, beginning February 17th, 50% of proceeds from purchases of the Danessa Myricks Beauty Dew Wet Balm will go to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. Click the link in bio to donate now.”

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