First Ashanti Album Turns 15 Years Old - Ohhhh Baby!

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First Ashanti Album

Oh baby! Another childhood memory just turned fifteen years old. It could literally start learning how to drive, that’s how quickly time is slipping away from us dolls. Nevertheless, can you believe the first Ashanti album came out back in 2002? Neither can we!

First Ashanti Album Turns 15 Years Old

It’s hard enough to get one hit song, let alone enjoy a career in a cut throat industry for over a decade. Yet, Ashanti accomplished just that and then some. She broke records right out of the gates and continues to bring the crowds out while on tour. Just recently she finished a series of concerts in the UK. Go girl!

Ashanti keeps busy but she still took a moment to reflect on her career as well as first album, Ashanti. In 2002, this album sold over 500, 000 copies in its first week of release. Huge news for a brand new artist. Her first album first week sales were the highest for a female artist’s debut ever. No wonder she went on to receive five Grammy nominations that year.

Plus, this LP help solidify her as a major player in the music game. That and the fact that her album went three times platinum by December 17, 2002. Can you say paid? It is safe to say that the early 2000s were Ashanti’s oyster.

First Ashanti Album

First Ashanti Album – Reflection

Now you know a little history on this high selling album. Nonetheless, what is Ashanti’s thoughts on her 15 year old release? She says,

“15 Years! So humbled and blessed. My first album “Ashanti” … To be able to break records and make history with your very first album is an incredible feeling. Thanks so much to everyone who helped to make my album to not only be successful, but classic and historic!

Obviously, music has changed since 15 years ago, but classics live forever. Coincidentally, Fabolous brought me on stage last night at the party tour and 20, 000 people sang “Foolish” as if it were 2002. Can’t even describe the feeling.

Thank you so much to my amazing fans. Everyone that has supported me, fought for me and believed in me through the ups and downs, love you all! Happy 15 year anniversary Ashanti, Murder Inc. … Def Jam!”

Congrats Ashanti so well deserved baby, baby, baby, baby, baby! Let’s take a back one time to the song that started it all. Check out Foolish below with a younger Terrence H. from Empire. Talk about TBT!

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