Fenty Release 6-20 -The Ultimate Summer Fashion Collaboration by Rihanna

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Fenty Release 6-20


As they always say… The children are the future! Rihanna is infusing her couture label with a fresh, fun yet laid back vibe. Her Fenty Release 6-20 is going to be one for the culture; the youth culture.

The cool thing is that with this release there is going to be a complete switch up. You see when fashion releases come around; usually it is just an one day release type of event. However, Rihanna being the queen of surprises. Of course she’s doing things differently.



Her new collection will come out not on just one day. But across the span of three days. Therefore, making this a true summer collection; since it will cover two months!

Fenty Release 6-20 -The Ultimate Summer Fashion Collaboration by Rihanna



So what is this collection going to be all about? This collection will connect with those who like what’s modern and “right now.” In regards to the 6-20 Release, the Fenty label reveals,

“Introducing FENTY 6-20, our summer collection inspired by the irrepressible creativity; hope and spirit of youth. A three part journey exploring different facets of youth culture. From the multi-hyphenate work ethic to the new digital rave scene.



Captured here by Lea Colombo, our cast of artists; musicians and models embody the powerful, youthful energy of the release. New world energy [and] dreaming of tomorrow. Celebrating the irrepressible creativity; hope and spirit of youth; Release 6-20 sees the return of our Immigrant print T-Shirt with photo montage. Countdown to our three part summer collection launching [beginning June 2020].”



As Rihanna’s brand mentions, this release is a three part drop. Two parts will be available for purchase during June; while the last and final one will release during the month of July. The schedule for the collection availability is as follows:

  • Drop One – June 11
  • Drop Two – June 18
  • Drop Three – July 15



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