Ask and Tell: Fenty Blockt Mask As Seen on Mary J. Blige

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Fenty Blockt Mask

The Item: Singer, entertainer and BET’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Mary J. Blige rocking The Fenty Blockt Mask! Blige was spotted in her Rihanna designed luxury accessory during a recent concert performance.

You Asked: Hi 1966! You guys are still my favorite page ever! My question is one Mary J. Blige’s look. From the picture I can tell that the sunglasses that she is wearing is by Fenty. But Rihanna has put out so much stuff recently I don’t know exactly what style these are.

I would like to find out what they are called and the price. Sorry but I just don’t feel like searching through Fenty’s site lol It’s mad annoying and can’t find what I want.

Ask and Tell: Fenty Blockt Mask As Seen on Mary J. Blige

The Verdict: Hi there back! Thank you for reaching out to us with a fab style question and no worries we feel your pain! Searching online for clothes can be the pits at times; but we have the couture intel you are seeking!

Yes, you are correct, Mary is indeed wearing Fenty. In fact, she is wearing the Fenty Blockt Mask. These are apart of Rihanna’s sunglasses collection. However, if searching online, literally put in “BLOCKT MASK” or you may have a tougher time finding them.

Also, WATCH OUT! We have noticed several online retailers popping up lately that selling these Masks; but for an extremely large markup. By like $200-$300 or more. Therefore, make sure you buy them from a reputable fashion retailer, or just from the FENTY site itself.

Price and Features

How much do the Blockt Mask cost on the Fenty website? Right now these stylish babies are under the $500 price point. Retailing for a cool $480.

Moreover, you don’t just have to stick to color that Mary J. Blige is wearing if you don’t want to. These Mask sunglasses come in three different hues. You can purchase them in:

  • Chardonnay -Golden yellow tone
  • Terra Cotta -Warm Auburn Copper Brown
  • Black Smoke – Dark, Edgy Noire Hue

Hope that answered your fashion question! If you or a style obsessed gal pal has one they would like to ask give us a follow on Instagram, slide into our DMs and ask away.

Fenty Blockt Mask

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