Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED STUNNA Lip Paint -Hot Pink Dream!

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Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED

Rihanna isn’t letting us come up for air! As we wait for the album, Rih hit us with the Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED STUNNA Lip Paint. A sassy, but classy hot pink lip color that will give your lips all the drip they need!

Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED STUNNA Lip Paint -Hot Pink Dream

Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED

We all might as well just hand over our bank account information to Fenty Beauty (LOL). The cosmetics brand truly understands its base and market; and continues to come with new makeup hits.

Fenty Beauty knows what we want and the brand keeps on giving it to us. In regards to this little known beauty fact and UNLOCKED, Fenty Beauty states,

“Y’all said y’all wanted more STUNNA Lip Paint, and now it’s UNLOCKED! This new vivid pink shade is dropping on February 12 in the same liquid to soft matte formula that lasts through it all.

Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED

An all new STUNNA Lip Paint shade coming for y’all! Meet UNLOCKED, a hot pink shade, that looks good on every skin tone! Available February 12th at fentybeauty.com, Sephora, Harvey Nichols, and Sephora in JCP.”

Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED STUNNA Lip Paint

Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED

Beyond sold. Moreover, we are sure we are not the only ones. Therefore, hurry on this one guys because on the Fenty Beauty Instagram page there was almost 2K comments in barely 3 hours. Every last one was basically all positive. Here’s what are other Fenty fans are saying about UNLOCKED.

“What a perfect shade of pink!”

“Wish list.”


“This shade is so beautiful for summer and spring.”

“Must have item.”

“Yup, I’m getting this!”

“Aw come on! Good thing I have free shipping no minimum at Sephora.”

“Rihanna not letting us breathe.”

“There goes my coins.”

“OMG this would look fab on all of us.”

“Oh my god! I love it!”

“Wondering when I’ll stop being excited about new Fenty makeup coming out known damn  well I can’t afford it.

“Love this new color!”

As one can see, UNLOCKED is already a hit and it hasn’t even come near a store or website yet. So then, get ready for a mad dash and rush. Have that money ready and we hope you score one on the 15th!

Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED


Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED


Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED


Fenty Beauty UNLOCKED

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