Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter- Poppin’ Bottles & Cheeks!

Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule
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Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule

Just in time for Spring! Rihanna is coming all the way through with the Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter; a GORGEOUS rose gold sparkling shade to make you pop more than a collar! The Fenty Beauty brand’s social channels are already rolling out the necessary intel. In a series of short announcements Rihanna’s makeup revealed why this drop is upon us and what we all can expect. FB states,

“It’s Rihanna, so you know we had to do it big! For a limited time, our KILLAWATT in MOSCOW MULE is coming thru solo dolo! Get that Bad Gal glow with an ultra-smooth, creamy texture and supercharged copper shine that makes every skin tone pop.


Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule


Face, eyes…use it all over fren! Rihanna’s KILLAWATT in MOSCOW MULE is loaded with super fine copper shimmer with an ultra-smooth cream-powder texture that melts into your skin like butter, baby!

Stay glo’d up with our limited edition solo KILLAWATT Highlighter in MOSCOW MULE!

[So] Here’s the tea:

  • Moscow Mule is a chopper shimmer shade that pops out on all skin tones.
  • It’s buildable, so you can layer up that glow for days.
  • The formula blends into your skin super silky smooth and lasts awl day.”


Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter- Poppin’ Bottles & Cheeks!



Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule

Is that there’s all to know? NOT EVEN! Fenty Beauty shared more details about this surprise makeup release. Like mentioning that this particular shade is Rihanna’s ABSOLUTE FAVE. So if you want to rock a color that is THE FASHION ICON’s favorite; this is the color product to buy! Regarding Moscow Mule Fenty Beauty says,

“A FentyBeauty.com exclusive: One of Rihanna’s favorite supercharged rose gold shimmer highlighter shades. You’ve seen it in a fan-fave highlighter duo, now available in a solo pan created to celebrate her [turning 33]!

Light it up! For a limited time only, the fan-fave Killawatt shade, Moscow Mule, that you’ve seen in a duo, gets its very own solo pan in honor of Rihanna. Get Rihanna’s killer radiance on her special day in her favorite supercharged rose gold shimmer highlighter designed to make all skin tones pop.”

Besides being Rih’s favorite; YOU have actually seen it a long time ago in action. Rihanna ALWAYS wears her products and Moscow Mule has even enjoyed a Rihanna red carpet moment. When? Fenty Beauty told the tale online by saying,

“Queen sh!t only! We’re throwing it back to Rihanna at the Oceans 8 premiere in 2018! For this lewk, Rihanna is glowing with KILLAWATT in MOSCOW MULE!”

Do you remember this premiere? Rihanna looked amazing along with the rest of her powerhouse Oceans 8 female cast. Just in case you need a refresher; check out Rih below in all her Moscow mule Killawatt Highlighter glory!



What We Know So Far- Basically in a Nutshell

First of all… WE THINK THE TIME has come for our Beauty Trailer!! It’s our short video that’s like a movie trailer for makeup. So enjoy all the peeks of this new product!





So pretty right?! Nevertheless, keeping all the facts straight on a new makeup product can be difficult. Trust us… We know (Lol). So to help you all track the main things to know about Moscow Mule; here’s a short “cheat sheet” list of the products features!

Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

  • Weightless, longwear cream-powder hybrid highlighter
  • It’s buildable—so you can lightly sweep for a subtle glow or layer it for a supercharged look
  • Instantly melts into skin and blends with almost zero effort
  • Loaded with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth, creamy texture
  • Use it all over! Think face, eyes… anywhere!

How To Use This Killawatt Highlighter



Well, Rihanna has a few words on how to get the most use out of this product. She also reveals how she personally using this beautiful shade. She says,

“You can use this on any part of your face—your eyes, your cheeks, your nose bridge, your collarbone. I like to use it on my body as well because it’s such a high sheen. You look at it and think, ‘is it going to deliver? … is it going to deliver? Then—BAM!—it delivers!”

Sweet. However, what about the Fenty Beauty brand? What do they have to say? Rihanna’s beauty brand happily broke down what the makeup application steps are in order get the BEST Fenty Face using Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter. Fenty Beauty states,

“For the second step of the Fenty Face, layer that highlight: Using the Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush 120, sweep Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter onto cheekbones. Thanks to the brush’s asymmetrical shark-tooth shape, you can highlight with more edge and precision. Use the fatter side to supercharge cheeks, the leaner side to low-key luminize your nose and chin, and the precision tip to brighten eyes and your cupid’s bow.”

Pretty simple right? Nevertheless, in case you are wondering what is the Fenty Beauty Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush 120; it’s this one below. If you have been a day one Fenty Beauty fan you’ll recognize it immediately.

This particular brush is Fenty Beauty fan favorite having received a 4.5 out 5 star rating from actual customers and reviewers! So to many it’s application performance is solid. If you would like to buy one for your cosmetics collection; it currently retails for just $32.



Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter- The Final Details

Alright you fellow lovers of Beauty! We have shared all the top details to know about Rihanna’s latest makeup release! However, there’s just a few more things we must share about this beautiful drop; such as when it will be available, the price and how you can get it.

Lets begin with availability. Drumroll please… well you will be happy to know that the Moscow Mule Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is available for purchase now! So unlike other Fenty Beauty products where we have had to wait a bit after the initial “tease.” Rihanna has instead elected to make this product available immediately.

Shall we move on to price? Let’s! This new highlighter is less than $40. For just $36 you can add this item to your makeup bags and personal collections.



Fenty Beauty Moscow Mule


Nevertheless, it is a good time to remind you all that this particular Killawatt shade is in fact “limited-edition.” So if you want it, you’ll need to go ahead and get it; because as of now the Fenty Beauty brand is stating that Moscow Mule will only be for a limited time. However, things change fast in beauty and it could possibly find its way as being apart of the regular Killawatt lineup. Beauty fingers crossed.

Finally though let’s talk how you can get this Killawatt Highlighter. Unlike other Fenty Beauty drops in the past; this makeup release will not be available at additional retailers. This is an EXCLUSIVE item that will only be for purchase on the Rihanna’s makeup website. Therefore, if you would like this highlighter just head to FentyBeauty.com.

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