Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb-Honey RiRi Shrunk the Pom Poms!

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Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb

Hollywood shrunk kids, and Rihanna over here shrinking some of her must-have beauty products! Robyn is busy remixing some of her top makeup hits into adorable, cute sized editions; that will only be available this season. What is on the winter limited-edition list? First up, is the Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb, the instant body glitz luminizer that takes your skin from bland to like “diamonds in the sky!”

Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb-Honey RiRi Shrunk the Pom Poms

Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb

So what did our makeup queen do? Well, the Fenty Beauty brand fully revealed what went down with the creation of the Pom Pom minis by stating,

“Sparks will fly every time Mini Fairy Bomb let’s loose; and trust us, it’s pure magic. Open this collectible, limited-edition [piece] to reveal the cutest body luminizer you’ve ever seen; fluffy, frosty and packed with superfine 3D shimmer.

Sound familiar? We shrunk down our fan-favorite Fairy Glittering Pom Pom and packed it with all-new shade for a gift snow good, you won’t want to share. Bless your body from head to toe in a superfine glittering veil of iridescent pink shimmer designed to light up all skin tones.

Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb

Ultra soft and plush, Mini Fairy Bomb makes old school glam an everyday luxury, delivering smooth, hyper-reflective glitter in all its glory. Plus, it’s softly scented with irresistible vanilla coconut for a full-on sensorial experience you can’t get enough of!”

Okay, we’re sold, but how about you? Want some mini sparkle pom poms in your life? Make it happen by heading on over to Fenty Beauty online and cop one now! Each one is currently retailing for $20. ALSO… check out the swatch below to see how this body glitz adds up on different skin tones.

Fenty Beauty Mini Fairy Bomb

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