Fat Freezing Procedure: "Contrast Contouring"-The Newest Breakthrough Technology

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Fat Freezing Procedure

Hold up… Fat Freezing Procedure just got a new spin! Instead of just freezing; Contrast Contouring adds heat and variable vacuum pressure; which combines to offer improved fat loss and far less bruising. Interesting.

Fat Freezing Procedure: “Contrast Contouring”-The Newest Breakthrough Technology

KATY, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fat freezing technology is in its infancy; yet it already has had some incredible advances in the never ending search for fat loss. The original method of freezing body fat, called Cryolipolysis; starts by freezing the fat cells in a treated area down to 12.2° for 35 minutes under a constant vacuum. This method, according to the National Institute of Health has life-long results.

Furthermore, the National Institute of Health reported, “In clinical studies; cryolipolysis was shown to reduce fat at the treatment site by up to 25% after one treatment. Improvements were seen in 86% of treated subjects. At 73%, the patient satisfaction rate is higher than with other technologies used for noninvasive lipolysis. Cryolipolysis has been proven to be a very safe method for body contouring”.

Fat Freezing Procedure: “Contrast Contouring”-The Newest Breakthrough Technology (Continued)

Fat Freezing Procedure

Just in the last year, Your Best Body Today joined the fight by bringing Contrast Contouring to market which adds heat, a variable vacuum and a lower retail cost. The process starts by increasing the temperature to 107° which adds fluid in the fat cells. After 4 minutes, it freezes the area down to 12.2° crystalizing the fat membrane which damages the cell. This process repeats four times per hour. Variable vacuum was also added to this technology which raises and lowers the vacuum pressure during the session, decreasing bruising substantially.

It all boils down to the same question, does it really work? The National Institute of Health thinks so, “Several studies in humans have shown comparable results. One study published in 2009 involving ten subjects reported a 20.4% and 25.5% reduction in the fat layer 2 months and 6 months after treatment, respectively. More recently, a retrospective multicenter study using patient surveys, photographic documentation, and caliper measurements, was published by Dierickx. These investigators reported that 86% of 518 subjects showed improvement.”

In conclusion, fat freezing works, it’s safe and with the advancement of technology, Contrast Contouring is leading the fight against unwanted fat. The 40+ age group couldn’t thank you enough. I’m finally going to get my body back.

Fat Freezing Procedure

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