Fashionable Mention: Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

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Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

We are absolutely obsessed with innovative fashion brand, Nicole Lee! The ingenious label who has been designing the most original, decorative garments and bags since 2004; continues to drop new merchandise that blows competitors clear out of the couture water. Therefore, which latest NL item has us in a style tizzy? Feast your fashion eyes on the Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag!

Fashionable Mention: Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

The Design: This bag has a camera motif  attached to it… enough said. Nevertheless, even though that feature alone is enough to drop the fashion mic, this handbag is also just a downright graphics paradise. It’s so captivating you almost don’t even know where to begin looking first!

The Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag consists of 360 degree city views showcasing a chic cartoon style skyscraper skyline. Honestly, flip the bag all the way around and you will see the design carried throughout. Furthermore, instantly you’re reminded of the glamour, exclusiveness and ritz that is New York City. Only adding to the overall fabulousity of the bag.

Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

What’s to Love: Uhm… everything! This beautiful handbag is not only an instant attention grabber; but it’s practicality is just as worth celebrating about. For instance, let’s just focus in on all the roominess.

If you tend to tote around half your life (i.e. smartphone, makeup bag, wallet, Nutella sample, hair comb, mirror, Fenty Beauty) then this is the bag for you. At first glance online, you may think this crossbody handbag is going to be way too small. However, don’t let the images fool you this bag is a very nice size and holds plenty without looking humongous.

Storage is literally no issue because this bag has not one, not two, but three storage compartments. Well technically four if you count the one inside storage compartment number 3 (the very top one). Okay, 5 if you flip the bag to the back and take notice of the super cool zipper pouch. Nonetheless, we just need to take a moment and say… Thank you handbag gawds for this bounty!

So then, what’s inside? As you work your way up the bag each compartment gets a bit bigger. The very top compartment is designed with two handy pouches that’s awesome for holding smartphones, keys or lipsticks you would like to easily grab. Sweet!

Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag (Cont.)

Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag

Travel Yes or No: To all our jet set girls, the answer is a resounding yes! This handbag gets our travel approved 1966 stamp in a heartbeat. For one, the strap is very comfortable which is a plus when out touring all day. No one wants a strap digging into them for hours on end and trust us, you will not have that problem with this item.

Also, you’ll love the fact that this crossbody comes complete with a nifty front pocket. Perfect for storing travel essentials such as your travel currency, phone, lotion or passport. Plus, if you do choose to utilize this front pocket for your phone, you will love the quick, easy access it provides. Making it a cinch to quickly pull out your cell in order to use a Maps app for directions or snap a photo of a cool travel attraction.

Nicole Lee City Cam Crossbody Bag – The Details

This bag is seriously a must-have, stylish accessory! If you want a handbag that is not only cute, but practical and a head turner then the NL City Cam Crossbody Bag will be right up your alley. One last other stylsih feature to keep in mind is the color selection. This crossbody doesn’t just come in white but it can also be purchased in a fresh blue and sophisticated black tone.

The price? This awesome voguish handbag retails for $51. Happy shopping loves!

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