Fashionable Mention: Beige and Coco Faux Fur Coat

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Beige and Coco Faux Fur Coat

It did not take long for us to become huge fans of Draya Michele’s brand Beige and Coco. Her collection is very her and has a rich, luxury feel. One piece that is definitely noteworthy is the Beige and Coco Faux Coat.

Fashionable Mention: Beige and Coco Faux Fur Coat

Our love for the Beige and Coco Faux Fur Coat came about for a number of reasons. For one, it is a piece that can instantly be described as “classic.” If you are looking for a way to add a bit of affluence and extravagance to your wardrobe, a fur coat will accomplish that in seconds. For years, fur coats have been associated with opulence and wealthiness. Think old Hollywood and you will instantly get the picture.

Nevertheless, it is usually the price tag associated with fur coats that is enough to make some go never mind. Also, there’s the amount of cruelty that is linked to production as well as the design processes used by many major brands. Draya Michele is taking the high road with these issues when it comes to her fashions. She commented on her signature coat by stating:

“To FUR or not to FUR… we all wonder about a few things when it comes to fUR… principles and price. When deciding to add FUR to my line, I decided to take the humane way out by designing a Faux FUR coat. It’s stylish, warm and affordable! I hope you all love.”

We have to agree that the coat is stylish and an attention grabber. This particular fur coat comes in different shades, a gorgeous noire tint as well as wine. Therefore, go ahead and indulge a little this winter and look like a true diva in a beautiful faux fur coat!

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