Farsali Haldi Eyes -Ancient Remedy to Brighten the Eye Area!

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Farsali Haldi Eyes

Dealing with dark under eyes? Feeling like the skin under your eyes could use a little toning? Have no fear, Farsali Haldi Eyes is here! An eye cream that is formulated to lessen under-eye circles, while toning things up. The miracle in a bottle is here!

What’s in it? Well, Farsali mentions that this product is modeled after an ancient remedy. To quote them, they reveal that Haldi Eyes is, “A 3-in-1 Turmeric infused under eye brightener inspired by ancient Ayurvedic medicine and beauty rituals. Turmeric has been used in India as Ayurveda dating back 4,ooo years.”

Farsali Haldi Eyes

So then, if you are looking for a more natural approach, then this product will be right up your beauty alley. This eye product is vegan and cruelty free; and does not contain parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, talc, formaldehydes, cool tar or Phthalates. Basically, it’s just clean, non-toxic beauty.

Farsali Haldi Eyes -Ancient Remedy to Brighten the Eye Area

Farsali Haldi Eyes

Nonetheless, what other benefits can come from using Haldi Eyes? Once again we went to the source. Farsali states,

“Bright eyed with Haldi Eyes! Meet our Turmeric infused eye cream, the newest member of the Farsali fam! Haldi Eyes is a brightening eye cream, that harnesses the power of Turmeric aka Haldi –inspired by Ayurvedic beauty rituals.

This hybrid eye cream works to visibly brighten and awaken the eye area; and can also be uses as the perfect brightening bases for concealer. Moisturize, glow and prime with one cream!

Farsali Haldi Eyes

No sleep required with Haldi Eyes. Our newest family member packs 8 hours of sleep into 1 cream! Containing Turmeric Root Extract, Caffeine, and Daisy Petal Extract to soothe and brighten the under eye area! 

Caffeine is a natural vasoconstrictor and antioxidant that works to awaken the under eye and promote a luminous look! Also, formulated with Quinoa Peptides and Daisy Petal Extract; this eye cream helps to soothe, brighten dark undertones, and tone the eye area!”

Ready to make those eyes of yours really shine?! Haldi Eyes is finally now available for purchase! Get yours by heading to the Farsali website at: www.farsali.com. Or get one in-stores at your local Sephora. Each eye cream currently retails for $40.

Farsali Haldi Eyes

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