Fall 2015 Shoe Trend: Pointed Toe Heels

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Fall 2015 Shoe Trend Pointed Toe Heels

There were a few choice words that came to mind that we are unable to repeat when we noticed a particular shoe trend coming on the horizon. Oh it is not that we do not absolutely love the style of this particular shoe it is just that our cute little manicured toes loathe them. If you guessed pointed toe shoes then you have scored 10 points in the shoe game department.

Fall 2015 Shoe Trend Pointed Toe Heels3

Pointed toe heels are a trend that is rolling over from spring on into the fall and winter seasons. Givenchy, Christain Louboutin and Coach all have designs with the pointy flair. To survive this shoe trend without experiencing too much pain aim for pointed toe heels where the point does not stop right where your toes will be resting.

Fall 2015 Shoe Trend Pointed Toe Heels2

Moreover, you may even consider going up just a half a size. This small change can also afford you and your toes a little more wiggle room giving you more comfort. Therefore, enjoy rocking this trend later this year and without needing crutches.

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