Face Shields -5 Amazing Options to Stay Safe and Stay Stylish

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Face Shields


We are WAY past face masks now. With quarantine and Covid becoming the “new normal;” many are recognizing the need to be adaptable to the times. Going out without protection is no longer an option IF you wish to remain safe and virus-free. What is the latest wave? Face Shields — designed to cover the wearer’s eyes and face while providing a barrier of protection from “harmful” elements.

Is this really necessary? Well, recently, many stores and states in general have offered up the suggestion that when leaving the house one should consider wearing a mask; even fabric ones. Additionally, some grocery stores have taken things even a step further by NOT allowing customers period to enter without having a mask on AND visiting a “cleaning station” located near the front door.

Extreme? Not really. Such protocols were put in place to help slow or stop the spread of the growing global pandemic; thus helping us get back to our “regular” lives quicker and sooner. Furthermore, with there being no cure or vaccine available, that leaves us all in a bit of a pickle.

No cure, means you are still at risk and without a way of preventing all of the devastating effects from happening. So yes, life has definitely changed for us all; and now we must take  precautions (if we choose to) in order to give ourselves the best chance of not getting sick or infecting others in the process.

Face Shields -Designs to Stay Safe and Stay Stylish

This is exactly why face shields are becoming more and more captivating. We desperately need a good protection measure that can do a great job without a whole ton of hassle; and has an appealing enough look so we will want to actually put the fool thing on everyday. Since come on, who wants to put a torture chamber like device on, that also looks like one. No one.

Nevertheless, before we get into the look aspect; let’s just quickly discuss why the design of a face shield is so alluring. First of all, it is not a one and done type of PPE. A problem that every continent has run into this year.

Most face masks have to be replaced. They are what is considered “disposable.” Meaning that after they have been worn or used once; you are supposed to throw it away. Disposable items are not meant to be reused.



Therefore, this poses a real problem. Either we now have to make way more or try to get more than one use out of such products. Making more means more cost. Moreover, since there has been no talk about individual citizens being provided with PPE; this means we have to find and purchase them for ourselves.

With many being out of work, having to buy more and more face masks is just not plausible. So then, the answer is crystal clear. Most of us need an option that can be used over and over again. Something that is not considered to be disposable.

Designs to Stay Safe and Stay Stylish

Which brings us to the next gripe about face masks. Masks lose their efficiency with wear and are a real pain to disinfect. More than that, there are now several reports stating that several disinfection methods in regards to face masks may not REALLY get them clean enough to be reused.



After extensive researching we have found that disinfection through ultraviolet light or helping face masks “to dry out” over a course of several days have been implemented by some. Yet, the fact remains all such procedures take TIME. Time that many do not have because soon they are going to be forced back out to make a living without a vaccine anywhere on the horizon.

All of the above makes the beauty of face shields just that much more promising. Shields CAN be cleaned. They CAN be reused. Plus, they ALSO are being fashioned into more “chic” designs which should make them more bearable to wear.



Looks are important because many work in fields were appearance is well, part of the job. For instance, estheticians, hair stylists, makeup artists and those in sales as well as corporate industries are expected to dress in an “attractive” way.

Those in the beauty industry have clients that want or desire them to have a certain voguish essence. Therefore, fashionable options for essential, everyday PPE is becoming more of a necessity.

It’s A New Way of Life -The Stylish Face Shield

But the question remains… why use a face shield than just a face mask? To answer that, let’s think about those working on the frontline. Most likely you have seen a healthcare worker wearing a face shield. They wear them for a number of reasons, a few being because they are manufactured to:

  • Prevent Infection
  • Anti-Dust
  • Help Prevent Wearers From Touching Their Faces
  • Anti-Fogging
  • Be Reusable and More Comfortable
  • Provide Better Facial Protection
  • Anti-Splash
  • Make it Easier to Communicate with Others (since the mouth is visible)

Since droplet transmission and REALLY tiny particles getting in through the face is of utmost concern. Having a shield on that said particles can slam against instead of your face is quite helpful. Furthermore, if you couple a plastic shield with a face mask, you up the protection. A win-win for everybody.

Nevertheless, how does this translate to the real world? Once again those working in fields that involve interaction with people and customers can then feel more at ease with such added protection; and put their clients at ease knowing that extra germ protocols are being taken.

Prevention includes creating a barrier between what’s clean and what’s harmful. To stop spread you have to break the chain of transmission. You cause the “break” in the chain by not allowing or being the cause for the spread of germs to continue. Wearing the right PPE helps to achieve this outcome.

Think of it like the matches all lined up in a row illustration. Once they are lit, the fire will continue down the line of matches; but if one match is removed it stops the dominos effect. If each of us does their part then by wearing PPE we help stop the effects of transmitting germs to others.

Stylish Options

Now that we have our “why” let’s move onto what options are out there. We noticed A LOT of creativity going on right and we have decided to highlight a few for you to consider. Kicking things off… is a BEYOND modern design byy Joe Doucet.


Face Shields


By: Joe Doucet

Why We Love: This design includes “goggles” for added protection for the eyes.


Face Shields


By: MuurSwagg

Why We Love: Simplistic and comes with nose placement for an even better fit.



By: Afrooklyn

Why We Love: For the culture, extends below the chin, and fun designs that even match their fabric, washable masks.



By: The Glover Center

Why We Love: Once again, nice long length beneath the chin and a framing “visor” type design along the forehead for more security.



By: Luiz Fernando D’Altoe

Why We Love: Proves that a DIY design is plausible and the glasses portion helps a wearer “see” clearly and feel that the shield won’t slip off.

Final Words About the Face Shield



We recently came across a quote from doctor Michael Edmond, a hospital epidemiologist and infectious diseases physician from Iowa City; that is pertinent to this discussion of face shields and Covid 19. In an interview with DEZEEN, Edmond revealed,

“I think every person should have a face shield. It should be worn anytime they leave their home, while in any public place, and even at work. I believe that if every person wore a face shield when out of their home; we would bend the curve faster and return to normal life sooner.

The shield should extend below the chin. The most important design consideration is coverage. [A] shield should extend below the chin vertically and to the ears on the periphery.

In addition, there should be no gaps that would allow droplets to reach the face. Some 3D-printed designs have a gap between the forehead and the front of the shield that is not optimal.

I appreciate anything that serves to improve the supply of PPE. The efforts of industry and the community to help us are one of the silver linings of this pandemic.”

So then, the message is clear, whether we like it or not, we’re all dependent on each other. Therefore, the best way to protect each other is by staying home as much as possible; and  by doing our very best to have personal PPE like face shields, when we leave the comfort of our homes. Thank you for reading this feature and we continue to pray for the safety and protection of us all.



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