EyeLash Curler, Heat It Up!

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Beauty Tip: Oh the eyelash curler! Did you know that a little heat could make all the difference in getting Instagram worthy eyelashes? Forget just whipping out your handy curler and going right for the eyes. Start thinking about heat and watch the magic happen.

Think about it, no seriously (LOL). Doesn’t a regular curling iron give your head of hair fabulous results? If you picked up your hair curler, didn’t turn it on, but tried to curl your hair anyway; you probably wouldn’t create one single curl. Why? Because your hair curler is not ON, and the lack of heat means lack of curl. So then, if you actuallydo power up your curler you can create beautiful ringlets thanks to the additional heat.

EyeLash Curler, Heat It Up

Take that same hair curler mentality and apply it to your handy eyelash curler. Yes, you will get some results from gently curling your lashes in the normal way, with your eyelash curler. However, why not pump up the results to the max if you can? Add even more dimension and curl to your lashes by utilizing heat.

Simply blast the eyelash curler with a dryer for about 15 to 20 seconds before giving your lashes the cure treatment. Voila you have a heated eyelash curler which will enhance the natural curl of your lashes.

Well, that is our Beauty Quickie tip of the day. What is your favorite trick to get voluminous lashes?

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