Expired Beauty Products- Sunscreen

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Expired Beauty Products- Sunscreen

Beauty Quickie: Can we please put the myth to rest that black women do not need to wear sunscreen? It does not matter how dark your skin is or how much melanin you possess the sun can still cause havoc to your skin if is not protected. Black may not crack but due to environmental effects such as global warming and the disappearance of the ozone layer it is a very good idea to give your skin a little protective barrier to stay un-cracked.

Does sunscreen ever expire and if so when should it be replaced? Yes, sunscreen does indeed expire and the problem is most gals hang on to their bottle longer than they should. Most sunscreens have a shelf life of about three years then after that it should find a new home in a dumpster.

What happens when sunscreen expires? The ingredients found within the formula begin to separate thus becoming less and less effective. Therefore, if you are wearing expired beauty products such as sunscreen you are not really receiving the protection that you need.

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