Eva Marcille Home Collection- The ANTM Alum Ready to Glam Your Space!

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Eva Marcille Home Collection

She’s going to be on top! America’s Next Top Model winner and actress, Eva Marcille, wants to make your home a luxurious, decadent  space! What does this lovely entrepreneur have up her creative sleeve? Later this year, Marcille will be releasing her very own Eva Marcille Home Collection. A voguish line sure to soon take its rightful place and dominate the home decor industry.

Eva Marcille Home Collection- The ANTM Alum Ready to Glam Your Space!

If you ever wanted to put your decor options into the hands of a trusted and skilled professional, look no further than Eva! The working model and mom has enjoyed a career in the fashion industry for over a decade. Helping her hone and refine her already stylish expertise.

Currently, Marcille is busy developing and hashing out her collection down to the most dimuit detail. From fabrics to overall design, Eva is leaving nothing to chance. Thus, making sure that she has a hand and say in every aspect of production.

Furthermore, in pure excitement Marcille recently informed her fans of her newest venture. Regarding her collection she revealed,

“Fall 2018 is about to get a little more fabulous with my newest baby, Eva Marcille Home Collection, be sure to follow [along] to receive offers and updates. [If on Instagram] be sure to follow my new page “@EvaMarcilleHomeCollection” and stay in the loop for the launch of my new home decor company.”

Eva Marcille Home Collection

Eva Marcille Home Collection

Great news right? We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to check out Eva’s new page for her upcoming line. Already the page showcases teasers of decor photo shoots as well as possible fabric options.

Moreover, the page also was quite forthcoming with additional details and company information. In a nutshell, the home collection page says,

“Fall 2018 is about to get a little more Fab with the new home collection! Coming soon! Actress and Top Model, Eva Marcille, has partnered with Appareline Inc. to create a home accessories line that’s sure to glam up your home. Everyone get ready because Eva Marcille is about to take the home world by storm.

Coming this Fall 2018 the Eva Marcille Home Collection! Get ready to glam your house up with product ranging from bedding, pillows, throws and much more!”

Eva Marcille Home Collection

Eva Marcille Home Collection- Get Ready!

Excited? So are we! Therefore, in order to get you ready for Eva’s upcoming collection we thought we’d share some easy decorating tips. All with the aim of helping you to infuse your home’s overall vibe with your own personal style!

Tip #1 Get Your Research On– Do a little homework to find out what type of decor looks you like and dislike. Search through magazines, books, social platforms dedicated to interior design and Google Images. In time you can see a clear pattern of the style(s) you seem to lean towards.

Tip #2 Don’t Chase Trends– The thing about trends, is that they are here one day and literally gone the next. It’s like trying to chase something going full speed and your pace is more that of a turtle. Instead aim to make picks that make your various rooms feel good, coordinated and comfy.

Tip #3 You Go Girl!– Realize now that nothing in any space will be or has to be permanent. The home style constantly evolves so be prepared to “let go” of various items or looks from time to time. You might get hitched, decide to travel plus your family may get larger or smaller.

All of these are changes that will cause some tweaking to your home’s style. Hey, look on the brightside. If things never changed, you would not get to enjoy the spoils of open concept, rustic, art-deco, mid-century, contemporary, bohemian or traditional design.

Tip #4 Say Yes to the Test– Before you purchase anything make sure that the item passes one important test, your lifestyle. Peer deeply into your habits, hobbies, interests, how you like to unwind, relax and just simply chill. If a piece doesn’t fit with how you truly love to live just do yourself a favor and forego it.

Eva Marcille Home Collection

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