Essential Tips For Wedding Guest Etiquette

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Summer is here and wedding season is in full swing!

From the guest list to the flower arrangements, the soon-to-be wed can get overwhelmed. There are so many guides on how to survive planning the perfect wedding, but what about how to be the perfect guest? Wedding expert and founder of Carats & Cake, Jess Levin, shares her essential tips for wedding guest etiquette.

Arriving late to the ceremony

This is an obvious rule that everyone seems to ignore. Do not assume everyone else will be late. Remember that the bride and groom have to take family portraits and group shots after the ceremony, so it is important to be mindful of time.

Bringing last minute guests

The amount of guests at a wedding is a big ordeal and you never want to add more stress to the couple. Guest lists depend on the type of wedding, the venue and any added costs. Do not take it upon yourself to bring a guest that has not been accounted for by the RSVP deadline. It is also impolite to ask the bride and groom for an addition past the RSVP date.

Wedding Crashers

Wearing white

Traditionally only the bride should wear white so you should check with the bride before wearing that perfect white dress.

Switching seating assignments at the reception

The seating assignments are planned out in a specific way for a reason. You should never alter your seating arrangements or switch seats at a wedding reception, however it is acceptable to mingle at different tables once dinner has been cleared.

Limiting the number of trips to buffet at the reception

The buffet at the reception is not a free for all. Keep in mind that all guests need to be fed so limiting your trips to buffet is a must.

Who Is Carats & Cake

Carats & Cake is the premier network representing the very best in the wedding industry. Founded in 2012, Carats & Cake was built to connect couples with top vendors and venues to simplify the planning process, but as the network grew, founder & CEO Jess Levin saw the chasm between doing creative lifestyle work and running an efficient business.

Carats & Cake now supports companies in the events industry with elegant business tools, exclusive media opportunities and targeted cross-channel exposure. It has become the Carats & Cake mission to change the way the best in the wedding industry do business.