Beautiful Black Women: Slick Woods for ELLE UK September 2018 Issue!

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ELLE UK September 2018

She is simply glowing! One of the most sought after models in the world is flaunting her joy, style and baby glow as a cover girl. This lady who has the stamp of approval from the likes of Rihanna to Marc Jacobs continues to awe and inspire. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, top model Slick Woods for ELLE UK September 2018 edition is a must-see and must read!

Beautiful Black Women: Slick Woods for ELLE UK September 2018 Issue

ELLE UK September 2018

Of course it is always a visual pleasure to glance at magazine covers and the editorials that accompany them. However, the cover story for any issue is just as captivating. Therefore, what can readers glean and learn about the incomparable Slick Woods?

ELLE UK got intimate with the photography and runway queen by literally touching on every aspect of Woods reality and life. Regarding their upcoming Slick Woods issue the magazine reveals,

“With her gap tooth smile, high profile campaigns for Fenty Beauty, Calvin Klein and outspoken persona; Slick Woods is of the fashion world’s most recognizable and in demand supermodels. Now as she prepares to become a mother, she talks exclusively about pregnancy, the future and what kind of world will await her son. Hits newsstands August 8.”

Slick Woods for ELLE UK September 2018 Issue – Editorial Team Details

Photography lensed by Paola Kudacki

Fashion Styling by Anne Christensen

Hair Artistry and Makeup by Lacy Redway as well as Ralph Siciliano

Nails and Manicure designed and executed by Casey Herman

ELLE UK September 2018

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