Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief!

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Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief

Major news ladies and gentlemen… Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief! The fashion industry continues to push forward in the form of diversity. We now see more models of color as well as those who are not the old standard size two. Nevertheless, a man of color will also now hold a coveted executive seat at a historic mag. Therefore, huge congratulations to a man who has help shape the fashion as well as magazine world!

Enninful is a W mag alum who is responsible for all the magazine’s fabulous high fashion editorials. He is a stylist with more credits than a Disney Marvel film. Literally, every supermodel and A-list star has been styled by Edward. W mag is very proud of Enniful, with nothing but glowing things to say. Regarding Edward W mag states,

“Congratulations to our very own Edward Enninful, who today was named editor in chief of British Vogue. A creative visionary and a champion of diversity, Edward is a prodigious talent. On this historic day, we wish to salute him and his accomplishment.

W mag is a brand that discovers and cultivates the best in fashion, and we couldn’t be more proud of Edward’s beautiful contributions over the years. From Rihanna as an apocalyptic goddess and Barbra Streisand in all her glory. To Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista in every guise imaginable, Edward has done it all with style to spare. Bravo, Edward!”

Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief

Being such a huge contribution to the industry, Edward is close with everyone who is anyone. His long list of “It Crowd” friends and colleagues includes the forever gorgeous, Naomi Campbell. Upon release of the British Vogue news Naomi took to social to say,

“I never thought I would see this day! Congratulations Edward Enninful you deserve this! I’m truly happy for you, words cannot describe how I feel for you right now. And for what you will do in bringing people together being at the helm of British Vogue. God is the greatest! I love you. History was made.”

Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief

We could not have put it better ourselves. History is what we are seeing here. Moreover, this helps open the way for young girls and boys to continue to dream bigger. There are no boundaries except for the ones we build around ourselves.

Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief – New Role

Ever thought about going for your dream job? Edward Enninful is certainly living the dream as well as showing that talent and drive will always take you far. Nevertheless, his love for magazines and couture began while he was fairly young. As a result, he turned a childhood passion into a career.

At just the tender age of 18 Enninful was appointed as the fashion director of i-D magazine. The rest is just more awesome history. Speaking of British Vogue Edward says, “I grew up reading British Vogue -I am so honored and humbled to be taking up the mantle of editor.”

So then, if you are out there reading this never be afraid to reach for the stars. Set goals and go for them. One day you may just have an article written up about you!

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Edward Enninful Named British Vogue Editor-In-Chief