Editor's Pick: Nike Womens Roshe Run Winter Sneaker 2014

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Nike Womens Roshe Run Winter Sneaker 2014-2

I have never met a sneaker that I didn’t like and with that being said I have been a proud Nike wearer for as long as I can remember. My addiction was so strong, alright everyone altogether, “How strong was it?” My addiction was so strong that my mother had to ban me from buying them because that was the only type of shoe and brand that I wanted to wear out in public…with everything.

Even with my lovely mother’s decree my love for Nike never dimmed and I still wear them, I actually have a pair on right now as I type this (LOL). Therefore, I am constantly checking to see what’s new with the best sneakers on this planet. For winter, Nike has designed another pair for their Roshe Run collection and I think the shoe is sleek and ingenious. For anyone who has ever partook in a winter run maybe even in the rain knows that having the right shoe is everything. The right sneaker will help you endure longer during your workout session and of course perserve your feet. One very cool aspect of this shoe is the weather resistent build that runs along the top of the sneaker. So then, you will be able to fight the elements and look good doing it with this sleek silhouette from Nike.

Can’t wait to get mine!


Nike Womens Roshe Run Winter Sneaker 2014Nike Womens Roshe Run Winter Sneaker 2014-3 Nike Womens Roshe Run Winter Sneaker 2014-4