Editor's Diary: Pant Suits

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Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014-7

I still remember when my mother purchased my first pant suit for me. It was a 2-piece noire suit with silvery pinstripes that fit me to a “T.” Words cannot explain how much I adored that suit and was beyond excited when I got to wear it during a family cruise vacation. I strutted all 3 feet of myself all over that boat because I was feeling real cute.

Even now I still LOVE a well-tailored, sophisticated and chic pant or jump suit. With so many gorgeous gowns available sometimes the allure of a good suit can easily get overlooked. In this post feast your eyes on couture looks from Balmain’s Cruise Collection. I must be feeling some type of way about Balmain this morning since this is my second post mentioning their designs today. Can’t help it, I just feel as though Balmain’s creative director, Oliver Rousteing seems to get me (LOL). The collection for fall/winter 2014 includes a whole bounty of sexy, classy designs that are just sick! I want them all and hope that you find them just as stunning.

Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014 Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014-2 Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014-3 Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014-4 Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014-5 Balmain Pant Suits Winter 2014-6