Editor's Diary: Masquerade Fashion

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It is the second week of October and Fashion Week has come to our hometown of Los Angeles. Designer Sue Wong kicked off the week’s festivities with a runway show held in Hollywood, California. Her spring 2016 theme would of made The Phantom of the Opera wish he had a front row seat.

Wong’s fashion show incorporated a masquerade vibe and even included performances from the hit Broadway play. My sister (Alicia) and I (Arianne) could not have been more besides ourselves since that is not only the first play we saw as kids but turns out to be our favorite ever. Nevertheless, how did we ensure that we dressed the part for the occassion?

Alicia was a vision in a revealing lace dress accompanied by chic black mask. The mask combo made its way also into my look which I wore with a floor-length nude colored gown. It was a fun night of runway style and it is always cool to get dolled up in the name of fashion.

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