Editor's Diary: Keep It Poppin'

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Editors Diary Pop Art Fashion

Dear Diary,

I have always loved looking at cartoon-ish pop art and even as a kid tried to draw myself in the same vein in hysterical situations. My drawing skills were as deep as a common stick figure illustration could go so I normally just stuck to admiring and appreciating other artist’s artwork. In 5th grade my mom bought me a pop art t-shirt from the mall that I wore religiously until I ripped it trying to climb a wall (don’t ask LOL). Last night, during my usual addictive online perusing I came across a cool pop art tee under $10!

I found equally epic slip-ons and denim biker jeans by Balmain to pair with the boisterous tee. I normally keep my makeup simple due to being horrible at applying it myself so a cute dark lipstick and mascara completes my beauty aspect of this look. Lastly, what woman on this green earth doesn’t need a bag to tote around her precious junk so I pulled a light blue tint from the t-shirt and found a satchel to match. I realize that this look is quite out there but it speaks to my eclectic side.

Love always,

Arianne xoxoxo

The Breakdown:

Fashion Factor Womens Bang Pop Art Comic Lictenstein Women Tee $6.82 amazon.co.uk

Balmain Tie and Dye Stretch Cotton Denim Biker Jeans $1,815 balmain.com

MOA MASTER OF ARTS Neoprene Pop! Slip On Sneakers $196 luisaviaroma.com

Light Blue Twist Lock Contrast Satchel $38 newlook.com

Tish Snooky’s MANIC PANIC N.Y.C. Creamtone Black Rose Lipstick $11 amazon.com

Stapelreview 5x Mascara beautylab.nl

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