Editor's Diary: Hats and Puppy Love

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Editors Diary Hats and Puppy Love

Dear Diary,

I am a firm believer that a great hat can be the center piece of any ensemble. Hats are excellent accessories for creating fashion drama and can save you from an extremely bad hair day. It is simply a plop on and go situation which I love since I’m up by 5 a.m.

I recently had the honor of watching a family friend’s adorable little dog who goes by the nickname of Puffy. I couldn’t resist and had to snap a few with my favorite furry buddy. Here is an outfit I wore during one of Puffy’s walks through the neighborhood. His white coat is always chic so to join in on his style prowess I wore a wide brim hat and blue dress which made my skin color pop. We were styling as well as profiling down the street and had a complete blast everyday.

I love hats and I enjoyed my quick shoot with little Puffy. Until next time Diary…


Arianne XOXO

Editors Diary Hats and Puppy Love2