Editor's Diary: Geek Squad

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Editors Diary Geek Squad

Dear Diary,

On my personal Instagram account I proudly proclaim that I am a nerd. I feel no shame in admitting it and have been thrilled over the outpouring of love and support of recently released comic based films. Being a Marvel fan and lover of all things Captain America you can probably imagine the nerdgasm I had when I came across a pair of Captain America Custom Converse/Painted Shoes! Yes, I am cheesing as I type this out (LOL) still excited over my purchase of said shoes which I solely bought to wear to the movies once Avengers 2 hits theaters. I will NOT rock them before said date because I want them to be in pristine order when I hit the midnight showing and numerous other viewings all weekend (HaHa).

Since I already have my shoes in place, for legal reasons as well as the mercy I have on onlookers I created a full outfit to wear for this wonderful upcoming nerdy occasion. Balmain designed a destroyed denim pant that rocked my world and felt was just as cool as the “Geek” t-shirt I found. What’s a movie without popcorn? Modcloth’s Pops Bag is so adorable I wanted to cry cute tears of joy and since I can’t live with a naked phone this hilarious Neck, Back, Netflix and My Snacks case will fulfill my need. I am counting down the days to the movie’s release but for now I am happy in my geekdom knowing my outfit is set when its time to jet.

Love Always,

Arianne xoxoxo

The Breakdown:

“Geek” Print Grey T-Shirt $8.99 romwe.com

Balmain Destroyed Stretch Cotton Ribbed Biker Jeans $1,230 balmain.com

Captain America Custom Converse/Painted Shoes $70 etsy.com

ModCloth Quirky A Look That Pops Bag $40 modcloth.com

Warehouse Mini Bowler Hat $12 warehouse.co.uk

My Neck, Back, Netflix My Snacks Iphone $40 casetify.com

What do you like to wear when you go see a movie? Drop me a comment and see more of my style looks by following me on Instagram @misslittle_brownie

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